Monday, May 10, 2004

Pitch to Me, Baby, Pitch to Me! 

It's "Fear Factor" meets "Survivor" meets "Punk'd"

After being drugged and hypnotized, celebrity contestants find themselves in a working factory where, rather than being feted and fawned over, and, despite their increasingly shrill protests ("I never do my own stunts. It's in my contract! Get my agent on the phone!), are expected to run a drill press, a lathe or to stamp out sheet metal. As sparks fly — literally and figuratively — and supervisors berate them for slacking, contestants try to keep their cool in the midst of a nightmarish combination of their worst fears regarding anonymity and actual work. Winners get to leave at the lunch break; losers have to finish out their shift, and, in so doing, face the horrifying reality that there's no half-caf mocha latte in the break room.

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