Friday, June 04, 2004

Missing Inaction 

Eager to duplicate the runaway success of the "Law & Order" spinoffs, producers of CBS' not-entirely-unpopular "Without A Trace" today unveiled the first three of their proposed franchise shows.

Without A Clue
A trio of the dimmest people you ever saw in your life struggle to figure something out in the space of an hour. Will they? Won't they? The suspense'll kill ya!

Without An Umbrella
They didn't take one with them, and now they walk the city streets unaware of the growing water droplets that are quickly becoming too heavy to remain in the clouds and will plummet toward the earth's surface. You know what happens next. Where will they be when it does? Wasn't one of them wearing suede?

Without A Sweater
It looks like it's going to get cooler. Fools! If only they'd listened.

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