Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Shows and Tells 

From the CBS and CNN websites' TV Listings, respectively, for Wednesday, February 4:

8 p.m. CBS. 60 Minutes II. Larry King reveals to Mike Wallace why he thinks Michael Jackson would be a better guest on his CNN show, "Larry King Live," than Saddam Hussein.

9 p.m. CNN. Larry King Live. Ed Bradley of "60 Minutes" joins Larry in his first interview since his controversial chat with Michael Jackson.



10 p.m. CBS. 48 Hours. For the first time since his interview with Larry King, Ed Bradley talks to Leslie Stahl about talking to Larry King about talking to Michael Jackson.


8 p.m. FOX. The O'Reilly Factor. Guest host Ann Coulter explains why anyone wanting to interview Michael Jackson or Saddam Hussein is a liberal traitor whose on-air execution would provide a valuable lesson about patriotism.

9 p.m. CNBC. Dennis Miller. In a competition over who is the show's alpha male, Miller and his co-host, ""Muggsy" the monkey, fling feces at each other while Miller wisecracks, "I'd rather be neck deep in night soil from Martha Stewart's prison yard vegetable garden than interview either Michael Jackson or Saddam Hussein."

10 p.m. CBS. Primetime Thursday. Leslie Stahl reveals to Diane Sawyer that during her interview with Ed Bradley, she was fantasizing about interviewing Larry King the whole time.


8 p.m. NBC. Dateline NBC. While grinning impishly through Diane Sawyer's endless retelling of what it was like talking to Leslie Stahl about talking to Ed Bradley, Katie Couric blurts out that she, for one, would rather interview Saddam Hussein than Michael Jackson.

9 p.m. MSNBC. Deborah Norville Tonight Unable to secure a guest, Ms. Norville reminisces about the time she saw the Jackson Five perform on "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1972.

10 p.m. ABC. 20/20. In the first of several valedictory broadcasts, Barbara Walters, gulping a martini and smoking an unfiltered Chesterfield, brags "I made 'em all cry — Hussein, Jackson, Bradley, Stahl — Let's see Larry King do THAT!" before slipping to the floor from her anchor chair.


10 p.m. FOX. At Large With Geraldo Rivera. While having his ego surgically stapled on camera, Geraldo discusses why only he, not Larry King, is man enough to interview both Michael Jackson and Saddam Hussein, and how he and Barbara Walters had a quickie in the back seat of a stretch limo at the Emmy Awards in 1978.


7 p.m. CBS. 60 Minutes. Mike Wallace spills his guts to Ed Bradley about his interview with Larry King, and tears up remembering the time he cried during an interview with Barbara Walters. Without explanation, file footage of Michael Jackson and Saddam Hussein is seen periodically during the broadcast.

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